Friday, July 1, 2016

BIG news

You better buckle up because what we are about to share with you is M A J O R.  
You ready?!! Okay, we can't hold it in anymore: BROOKE IS GOING TO BE A MAMA BIRDY!!!
We are over the moon about it and it's been torturing us not to shout it from the rooftops. Mama and babe are doing fabulously and we are so anxious to meet the new little one in late January/early February.  To say he/she will be loved and adored is the understatement of all understatements.  If you thought we love our pups Max and Lila, just wait until we get a human on board!!

However...the news bomb doesn't end there.  After extended consideration and soul searching, it is with bittersweetness we've decided The Paper Doll's journey ends here.  We are so grateful to you all for its success - your perpetual support means the absolute world, and we mean that.  It's hard to end on a high note and walk away when it's doing so well.  However, we know we wouldn't be able to devote the required time + energy to it, with Brooke being a new mama and maintaining her photography business and me [Whit] having my other full-time job.  Don't you go thinking you won't be seeing us around, though!!  You can still order form us through our e-commerce site,  
We'll redirect our  focus + energy to photography to keep feeding our passion for beauty and creativity.

We love you dolls!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Shenanigans

This summer weather is bananas, yo!  Blazing hot one minute, pouring rain the next.  Is consistency too much to ask for here????  At least it's summer though - and not total frigidness.

So how's everyone's summer going?  Getting into any summer shenanigans yet?  That's what summers are for, right?!!

Our summer is going pretty well.  We've already shot a few beautiful weddings, and are pumped for those coming up.  We also have some upcoming trips planned to Bozeman and Island Park.  We're determined to take advantage of this beautiful country surrounding us!  There really are some breathtaking backdrops in this area.  #blessed  

Thursday, June 9, 2016

L O V E and L I G H T

You guys - summer is here!! We went zero to 100 REAL QUICK with the temps.  Brooke and I shot a beautiful wedding last week and we were feeeeling it.  Totally worth it, though.  My favorite wedding moments are that daddy/daughter moment right before she walks down the aisle, and then that first glimpse when the groom sees his glowing bride.  Touching, I tell you.  It never gets old - and I hope it never does.  We just love L O V E, in all its variations.  
What are your favorite wedding moments?  Are you a fan of weddings in general, or would you rather pass?  
We have been so fortunate with brides/bridesmaids while shooting weddings.  They have all been simply lovely to work with - no egos, no mean girls, no meltdowns.  Fingers crossed it continues that way!! 

Check out our babe Hanna in this sleeveless striped top.  Just an easy breezy summatime look, perfect casual look for a backyard bbq or running errands.  

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Max + Maxi was everyone's Memorial Day weekend?? Hope it was filled with sunshine and shenanigans, like ours!  I hope you also had a moment to reflect on the reason behind this rad holiday - we have some brave men and women to thank for it, that's for sure.

We squeezed in three hikes over the weekend and it was purely blissful.  Of course we had to introduce a little drama to the mix by taking our two little pups [ we still call them pups because we're in denial they're getting older :) :) :) ].  You may be wondering what's so dramatic about bringing two dogs on a hike? clearly haven't met our boy, Max.  He is 6 lbs of pure mischief, with the worst case of Little Man Syndrome.  If he were human, he would drive the biggest, most souped up truck in all the land.  Initially we'd decided to leave Max and Lila (our pups) behind, since our girlfriend was bringing her two dogs and we didn't want to deal with the inevitable throwdown we knew Max would initiate.  We're not kidding when we say throwdown - when he's around other dogs he transforms into this kung fu fighting little sh**, complete with weird, unnatural high pitched battle cries.  Even though he's only 6 lbs, brother throws his back into it and you have to physically restrain him.  #humiliating However, we threw caution to the wind and decided to commence Operation Socialize Max and bring him along, thinking by exposing him to more dogs, we could train him to play nice in the sandbox.  
The ascent was just as noisy and ridiculous as anticipated.  Mr. Max has STAM-I-NA.  The whole ascent, he was straining against his leash and wailing with everything.he.had.  I mean, it's pretty dang impressive if you think about it - I'd be exhausted after one minute of that, but he kept it up for an embarrassingly long time.  We even have video footage - to embarrass him when he brings girl dogs home ;) 
However, we did make progress.  The descent was much better - so I'm thinking there's hope!!  Awhile back I read Cesar Millan's book and remember him saying dogs communicate via energy, not words.  I'm shocked every time I apply that principle.  Without saying a word, but by adjusting my energy to an authoritative calm, I see Max and Lila instantly respond and settle down.  Conversely, when I feel myself  silently getting hyped up, they react accordingly.  It's remarkable.  Try it!
On the way down, I made sure my energy was calm, even, and authoritative, and Max instantly improved.  Fingers crossed the progress continues!


This white dress is I-freaking-DEAL for summer: summer BBQs, summer dates, summer parties, summer getaways.  It just simply screams summer.  

Saturday, May 21, 2016


We love looking at a fresh summer lying before us. The possibilities! It feels like every summer, we have big plans - boating, camping, shaved ice eating, swimming, hiking, exploring.  And...when September rolls around, somehow only half of those plans got checked off the list.  We know you feel us: with summer comes obligations.  For us, it's wedding season, so our weekends are packed with capturing beautiful brides and handsome grooms on their big day.  Don't get us wrong - there's nowhere we'd rather be.  But we'd like to squeeze as much out of summer as possible!  So let's all make a pledge to make THIS summer different. This is the year we make our summer dreams come true.  


Speaking of summer - you need to start creating that summer wardrobe, right??  See below for some summer staples. Miss Dani shows off our comfy denim dress, our dreamy white floral button-up sleeveless top, and our girly ruffled socks.   Items you can use to create 100 other summery looks.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

LBD at the TPD

Wanna know what we woke up to this morning?  SNOW. Yeah. We're in a teeny town in the middle of Nevada and clearly it's not ready to give up the winter ghost just yet.  Mother Nature, you are SUCH a tease.  Why can't we be friends? 
We just keep telling ourselves how awesome snow will sound when we're sweating bullets in mid-July.  Until then, we'll just think warm thoughts.


There's just something about a little black dress.  There are endless variations of the LBD, all with their own charm.  It's always a yes for a night out with the girls, or a night out with your boo.  Here, we've even paired it with one of our flannel caps to show it can be dressed down for your weekend adventures.  
We're also really digging long sleeves lately, so this particular LBD we just got in is really hitting all the high notes.  Hollaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Paisley + Sunshine

Today's gorgeous weather has eased the pain as we transition from sunny San Diego to...Pocatello.  Don't get us wrong - we adore Poky - but we are in lust with the laid-back, beachy vibes in SoCal.  We particularly have a crush on Encinitas and Laguna Beach because...duh. Charming coastal towns - how do you not love?!!  Now if only we could find a beach shack for less than five zillion dollars.


Paisley paisley paisley.  So darling and spring appropriate. Don't you agree?!

Miss Hanna Jang - you modeled these dresses perfectly!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Inspired Much?

Current obsession: TEDTalks, usually featuring our main man Tony Robbins. He's 6 feet 7 inches of pure inspiration.  Our favorite part?  He's REAL. He's not just all sunshine and rainbows. He's relatable yet uplifting, so his advice is doable.  New to TEDTalks?  Give it a go.  Go to and play it while you're doing the dishes and painting your nails or doing whatever it is you do.  Let us know what ya think!


You know what we love?  We love dresses that are office-appropriate yet still make you feel fly when you go out with the girls.  Best of both worlds is always a yes...yes?! This olive dress is one of those.  You can make it longer by pulling the hem down, or shorter by pulling more of the waist fabric over the belt.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


We don't know about you, but we are so pumped for the new restaurants coming to town.  Personally, we're proud members of the Chipotle Fan Club and are especially jazzed to be able to indulge without having to make a trek.  We know have some Panera fans out there - where ya at?!!
What other coming restaurants are getting you psyched???

Let's talk about accessories. These textured baseball hats have been a major hit - we keep ordering and they keep selling! Also, this Totes bag is a must.  Ideal for a chic carry-on for your summer travels, or as a darling beach bag.

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