Friday, January 29, 2016

Magenta Jumpsuit

One of THE best parts of owning a boutique is ordering clothes! Brooke and I get so giddy when we find that perfect pair of pants, or that tres chic pencil skirt.  

That being said, it's not as simple as just buying what catches our eye.

Have you ever wondered why we order the clothes we do?  To be totes honest, there are multiple contributing factors.  Season, cost, trends, demand, vibe/aesthetic, and current inventory are just a few of the aspects we consider.  It's not just about what we like - if only!  We work hard to bring you quality products which honor our low price point - and that can be a challenge for sure.  But bring on the challenge!

Brooke and I have pretty similar styles.  This is good news because, after all, we do own a boutique together!  However. There are a few things we disagree on, which is actually a benefit. Marrying our styles when ordering our products gives you the best of both worlds.  Brooke is the queen of comfort, while my tastes are a bit more...diverse.  I don't identify with just one style genre.  I feel like there are just way too many options out there!  This isn't to say I'm indecisive and don't know what I like - not the case, my friend.  My first rule of style - know what you like and what makes you feel like you.  You feel me?

Every shipment Brooke and I try to order one "wildcard" - a fun piece people will either LOVE or loathe.  You gotta have a little fun in life, yes??  

Okay, enough lecturing.  Get a load of our latest wildcard: our magenta jumpsuit.  HELLO ferocity.  

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Black Pajama Top

Brooke and I have a major case of wanderlust lately.  We feel an overwhelming urge to escape daily life and explore the world outside our bubble.  Don't get us wrong - it's a beautiful bubble in which we live - our souls are just craving the unfamiliar.  Experiences to awaken our senses and renew our creative passions. I've had my eye on Iceland for awhile, and I think I've finally convinced Brooke of its appeal.  It looks simply magical.
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Comment below!

Until we're able to blow this popsicle stand, we're frolicking around in our new pajama tops.  No, they're not truly pajama tops - though if you did wear them to bed, you'd be the classiest broad on the block!  They look so chic dressed down with jeans or paired with slacks or a pencil skirt for the office.  So versatile, ya dig??

Saturday, January 16, 2016

C H I C + C O Z Y

There's nothing better than a delicious cardi or sweater in this frigid winter weather, amiright?? Brooke and I hunted high and low for just the right options, and we're feeling pretty good about our selections. We wanted them to be thick yet flattering, and we wanted warmth without sacrificing style. Being selective ensures only the best for our dolls! They're just right for curling up if hibernation is your thing, or thermal enough if braving the cold world outside is a must.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


The blink of an eye. Just a whisper of smoke. John Legend wasn't kidding when referring to how suddenly things happen. How is it possible our beautiful Ashlee has been with The Paper Doll team for a whole year?! Our little baby is growing up so fast!
We honestly and truly could not have dreamed up a better person for the job. Girlfriend is smart, driven, adorable, sweet, hardworking, kind, organized, gracious, bubbly, trustworthy, humble, fun, competent...the list goes on 4 dayz. All's we can say is we truly are the lucky ones. Love you times infinity, Ash! Thank you for all you do. xoxo

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