Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Max + Maxi was everyone's Memorial Day weekend?? Hope it was filled with sunshine and shenanigans, like ours!  I hope you also had a moment to reflect on the reason behind this rad holiday - we have some brave men and women to thank for it, that's for sure.

We squeezed in three hikes over the weekend and it was purely blissful.  Of course we had to introduce a little drama to the mix by taking our two little pups [ we still call them pups because we're in denial they're getting older :) :) :) ].  You may be wondering what's so dramatic about bringing two dogs on a hike? clearly haven't met our boy, Max.  He is 6 lbs of pure mischief, with the worst case of Little Man Syndrome.  If he were human, he would drive the biggest, most souped up truck in all the land.  Initially we'd decided to leave Max and Lila (our pups) behind, since our girlfriend was bringing her two dogs and we didn't want to deal with the inevitable throwdown we knew Max would initiate.  We're not kidding when we say throwdown - when he's around other dogs he transforms into this kung fu fighting little sh**, complete with weird, unnatural high pitched battle cries.  Even though he's only 6 lbs, brother throws his back into it and you have to physically restrain him.  #humiliating However, we threw caution to the wind and decided to commence Operation Socialize Max and bring him along, thinking by exposing him to more dogs, we could train him to play nice in the sandbox.  
The ascent was just as noisy and ridiculous as anticipated.  Mr. Max has STAM-I-NA.  The whole ascent, he was straining against his leash and wailing with everything.he.had.  I mean, it's pretty dang impressive if you think about it - I'd be exhausted after one minute of that, but he kept it up for an embarrassingly long time.  We even have video footage - to embarrass him when he brings girl dogs home ;) 
However, we did make progress.  The descent was much better - so I'm thinking there's hope!!  Awhile back I read Cesar Millan's book and remember him saying dogs communicate via energy, not words.  I'm shocked every time I apply that principle.  Without saying a word, but by adjusting my energy to an authoritative calm, I see Max and Lila instantly respond and settle down.  Conversely, when I feel myself  silently getting hyped up, they react accordingly.  It's remarkable.  Try it!
On the way down, I made sure my energy was calm, even, and authoritative, and Max instantly improved.  Fingers crossed the progress continues!


This white dress is I-freaking-DEAL for summer: summer BBQs, summer dates, summer parties, summer getaways.  It just simply screams summer.  

Saturday, May 21, 2016


We love looking at a fresh summer lying before us. The possibilities! It feels like every summer, we have big plans - boating, camping, shaved ice eating, swimming, hiking, exploring.  And...when September rolls around, somehow only half of those plans got checked off the list.  We know you feel us: with summer comes obligations.  For us, it's wedding season, so our weekends are packed with capturing beautiful brides and handsome grooms on their big day.  Don't get us wrong - there's nowhere we'd rather be.  But we'd like to squeeze as much out of summer as possible!  So let's all make a pledge to make THIS summer different. This is the year we make our summer dreams come true.  


Speaking of summer - you need to start creating that summer wardrobe, right??  See below for some summer staples. Miss Dani shows off our comfy denim dress, our dreamy white floral button-up sleeveless top, and our girly ruffled socks.   Items you can use to create 100 other summery looks.

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