Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Shenanigans

This summer weather is bananas, yo!  Blazing hot one minute, pouring rain the next.  Is consistency too much to ask for here????  At least it's summer though - and not total frigidness.

So how's everyone's summer going?  Getting into any summer shenanigans yet?  That's what summers are for, right?!!

Our summer is going pretty well.  We've already shot a few beautiful weddings, and are pumped for those coming up.  We also have some upcoming trips planned to Bozeman and Island Park.  We're determined to take advantage of this beautiful country surrounding us!  There really are some breathtaking backdrops in this area.  #blessed  

Thursday, June 9, 2016

L O V E and L I G H T

You guys - summer is here!! We went zero to 100 REAL QUICK with the temps.  Brooke and I shot a beautiful wedding last week and we were feeeeling it.  Totally worth it, though.  My favorite wedding moments are that daddy/daughter moment right before she walks down the aisle, and then that first glimpse when the groom sees his glowing bride.  Touching, I tell you.  It never gets old - and I hope it never does.  We just love L O V E, in all its variations.  
What are your favorite wedding moments?  Are you a fan of weddings in general, or would you rather pass?  
We have been so fortunate with brides/bridesmaids while shooting weddings.  They have all been simply lovely to work with - no egos, no mean girls, no meltdowns.  Fingers crossed it continues that way!! 

Check out our babe Hanna in this sleeveless striped top.  Just an easy breezy summatime look, perfect casual look for a backyard bbq or running errands.  

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