Thursday, June 9, 2016

L O V E and L I G H T

You guys - summer is here!! We went zero to 100 REAL QUICK with the temps.  Brooke and I shot a beautiful wedding last week and we were feeeeling it.  Totally worth it, though.  My favorite wedding moments are that daddy/daughter moment right before she walks down the aisle, and then that first glimpse when the groom sees his glowing bride.  Touching, I tell you.  It never gets old - and I hope it never does.  We just love L O V E, in all its variations.  
What are your favorite wedding moments?  Are you a fan of weddings in general, or would you rather pass?  
We have been so fortunate with brides/bridesmaids while shooting weddings.  They have all been simply lovely to work with - no egos, no mean girls, no meltdowns.  Fingers crossed it continues that way!! 

Check out our babe Hanna in this sleeveless striped top.  Just an easy breezy summatime look, perfect casual look for a backyard bbq or running errands.  

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