Friday, July 1, 2016

BIG news

You better buckle up because what we are about to share with you is M A J O R.  
You ready?!! Okay, we can't hold it in anymore: BROOKE IS GOING TO BE A MAMA BIRDY!!!
We are over the moon about it and it's been torturing us not to shout it from the rooftops. Mama and babe are doing fabulously and we are so anxious to meet the new little one in late January/early February.  To say he/she will be loved and adored is the understatement of all understatements.  If you thought we love our pups Max and Lila, just wait until we get a human on board!!

However...the news bomb doesn't end there.  After extended consideration and soul searching, it is with bittersweetness we've decided The Paper Doll's journey ends here.  We are so grateful to you all for its success - your perpetual support means the absolute world, and we mean that.  It's hard to end on a high note and walk away when it's doing so well.  However, we know we wouldn't be able to devote the required time + energy to it, with Brooke being a new mama and maintaining her photography business and me [Whit] having my other full-time job.  Don't you go thinking you won't be seeing us around, though!!  You can still order form us through our e-commerce site,  
We'll redirect our  focus + energy to photography to keep feeding our passion for beauty and creativity.

We love you dolls!

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